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    air conditioning repair Palm Beach Gardens FLAir Conditioning Repair Palm Beach Gardens FL

    There are a number of air conditioning repair  problems that are fairly straight forward and easy to do for the average homeowner, however there are also some dangerous aspects to air conditioning repair that should be well understood before starting any repair project. The first and most obvious safety issues when it comes to air conditioning repair Palm Beach Gardens FL is that this is an electrical unit, and as such needs to be completely disconnected from the electrical panel before starting the repair. Simply turning the unit control to the off position is not all that is needed, rather the unit needs to be completely unplugged or the wiring disconnected from the power source. This is particularly important when working within the system or around the fan area of the air conditioning unit.

    In some cases where conventional or forced air cooling systems are used the installation may have been done improperly and the vent lines from the air conditioner may have been incorrectly hooked to the sewage lines or the plumbing vents. In these situations the system can build up dangerous levels of bacteria in the damp, moist conditions created in the lines plus sewer gases can also back up through the air conditioner creating serious health concerns. If any foul smell or odor is noticed in the air conditioning system or in the air when it is on, do not attempt the air conditioning repair yourself, rather call in an expert Palm Beach Gardens FL air conditioning repair company that can safely correct the problem.

    Newer air conditioning units use other coolants that are safer than Freon, however even Freon itself is not harmful in small amounts unless there is an open flame present. If you believe that the air conditioner is leaking coolant or if you smell any “odd” smells in the room or air after completing some type of air conditioning repair the best option is to turn the unit off and immediately contact a trained and certified technician. Since Freon is odorless it is likely not the problem, however there may be some other issue that is causing the noticeable smell.  Make sure all furnaces, stoves or any other type of flame is completely out in the house or area until the unit can be checked and repaired.

    Some of the most common signs that it may be time for Air Conditioning Repair include:

    • Running constantly or “turning itself on” at unexpected times.
    • Not turning off or on when thermostat is adjusted appropriately.
    • Air that is warm or that runs warm for several minutes on startup.
    • condensation lines Frozen
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